About Us

Special Beers for Special People

Driven by enthusiasm, for the last twelwe years we have been promoting small and independent breweries, which produce craft beer through traditional production methods, using choice ingredients.

The leading distributor of craft beers in Croatia

Today, we offer around 250 different beers from over 60 breweries from all over the world, including the 15 most important "beer countries". Apart from bottled beer, we offer more than 40 of our bestselling beers in keg format as well.

We distribute our beers all across Croatia, usually to selected bars and restaurants, while hotels and resorts are becoming to recognize our offer more and more. Apart from them, we count among our clients various independent and delicatessen stores, and there is a growing number of specialized beer stores, selling a large number of different beers at the same spot.

Apart from our above mentioned activities, we organize different kinds of beer education, lectures and tastings for legal entities on the HoReCa market, but also for individuals or groups - the beer lovers.

We promote beer culture

Apart from the craft beers we import, we promote the art of quality drinking and beer culture.

Our mission is to spread the passion and love we have for quality beers to as many people as possible, and to stress the difference between craft beers made by small independent breweries and beers made by industrial breweries owned by corporations. We actively support the young Croatian microbreweries and homebrewers, and therefore carry some of the most prominent local craft beers in our portfolio.

Beer - a life's passion

The founder, Zvonimir Pelko, succeeded at turning his hobby and passion for beer into business.

In 2009, while attending doctoral studies at the Faculty of Economics, he chose to perform an extensive research of the development and future of the HoReCa market in Croatia for his thesis, observing how the craft beer movement is developing in the world and Croatia's neighboring countries. In 2013, at his MBA studies in Trieste, he stated in his thesis that through niche markets, such as craft beer within the beer industry, successful business and competitive advantages can be created.

His love for beer and the wish for additional self-improvement lead him in 2014 to Munich's prestigious Doemens academy, where he finished his education as a beer sommelier, becoming the first and, currently, the only Doemens Biersommelier in the Balkans and Southeast Europe.